Home Renter’s Guide

Over the past 25 years Long Island and the Metro NY. has experienced an incredible period of economic growth and the city and is as popular as ever. As more artist, bankers, diplomats & celebrities continue to move to the city, neighborhoods and areas that were once considered unlivable are becoming the up-and-coming places to live in.

Tips & Information for Property Rentals

The options are countless and time is of the essence in this high-demand market. We will lead you through the process and help make it an enjoyable experience. We will listen to your needs, review all the options, and then show you the best of what is out there. We will prepare you in advance for all possibilities and make sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to rent the perfect home.

What to Bring and Expect?

Proof of Income such as Paystubs, W2’s, 1099’s or Tax Returns etc.
Identification such as driver license, passport, resident card etc.
Reference Letters from employer, colleague, associate, friends etc.
In today’s rental market landlords are typically asking for credit and background check.

Money – Landlords are typically asking for:
First Month Rent
Last Month Rent
1 Month Rent Security

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